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Mr. and Mrs. Morland's surprise on being applied1 to by Mr. Tilney for their consent to his marrying their daughter was, for a few minutes, considerable, it having never entered their heads to suspect an attachment2 on either side; but as nothing, after all, could be more natural than Catherine's being beloved, they soon learnt to consider it with only the happy agitation3 of gratified pride, and, as far as they alone were concerned, had not a single objection to start. His pleasing manners and good sense were self-evident recommendations; and having never heard evil of him, it was not their way to suppose any evil could be told. Goodwill4 supplying the place of experience, his character needed no attestation5. “Catherine would make a sad, heedless young housekeeper6 to be sure,” was her mother's foreboding remark; but quick was the consolation7 of there being nothing like practice.

There was but one obstacle, in short, to be mentioned; but till that one was removed, it must be impossible for them to sanction the engagement. Their tempers were mild, but their principles were steady, and while his parent so expressly forbade the connection, they could not allow themselves to encourage it. That the general should come forward to solicit8 the alliance, or that he should even very heartily9 approve it, they were not refined enough to make any parading stipulation10; but the decent appearance of consent must be yielded, and that once obtained—and their own hearts made them trust that it could not be very long denied—their willing approbation11 was instantly to follow. His consent was all that they wished for. They were no more inclined than entitled to demand his money. Of a very considerable fortune, his son was, by marriage settlements, eventually secure; his present income was an income of independence and comfort, and under every pecuniary12 view, it was a match beyond the claims of their daughter.

The young people could not be surprised at a decision like this. They felt and they deplored—but they could not resent it; and they parted, endeavouring to hope that such a change in the general, as each believed almost impossible, might speedily take place, to unite them again in the fullness of privileged affection. Henry returned to what was now his only home, to watch over his young plantations13, and extend his improvements for her sake, to whose share in them he looked anxiously forward; and Catherine remained at Fullerton to cry. Whether the torments14 of absence were softened15 by a clandestine16 correspondence, let us not inquire. Mr. and Mrs. Morland never did—they had been too kind to exact any promise; and whenever Catherine received a letter, as, at that time, happened pretty often, they always looked another way.

The anxiety, which in this state of their attachment must be the portion of Henry and Catherine, and of all who loved either, as to its final event, can hardly extend, I fear, to the bosom17 of my readers, who will see in the tell-tale compression of the pages before them, that we are all hastening together to perfect felicity. The means by which their early marriage was effected can be the only doubt: what probable circumstance could work upon a temper like the general's? The circumstance which chiefly availed was the marriage of his daughter with a man of fortune and consequence, which took place in the course of the summer—an accession of dignity that threw him into a fit of good humour, from which he did not recover till after Eleanor had obtained his forgiveness of Henry, and his permission for him “to be a fool if he liked it!”

The marriage of Eleanor Tilney, her removal from all the evils of such a home as Northanger had been made by Henry's banishment18, to the home of her choice and the man of her choice, is an event which I expect to give general satisfaction among all her acquaintance. My own joy on the occasion is very sincere. I know no one more entitled, by unpretending merit, or better prepared by habitual19 suffering, to receive and enjoy felicity. Her partiality for this gentleman was not of recent origin; and he had been long withheld20 only by inferiority of situation from addressing her. His unexpected accession to title and fortune had removed all his difficulties; and never had the general loved his daughter so well in all her hours of companionship, utility, and patient endurance as when he first hailed her “Your Ladyship!” Her husband was really deserving of her; independent of his peerage, his wealth, and his attachment, being to a precision the most charming young man in the world. Any further definition of his merits must be unnecessary; the most charming young man in the world is instantly before the imagination of us all. Concerning the one in question, therefore, I have only to add—aware that the rules of composition forbid the introduction of a character not connected with my fable—that this was the very gentleman whose negligent21 servant left behind him that collection of washing-bills, resulting from a long visit at Northanger, by which my heroine was involved in one of her most alarming adventures.

The influence of the viscount and viscountess in their brother's behalf was assisted by that right understanding of Mr. Morland's circumstances which, as soon as the general would allow himself to be informed, they were qualified22 to give. It taught him that he had been scarcely more misled by Thorpe's first boast of the family wealth than by his subsequent malicious23 overthrow24 of it; that in no sense of the word were they necessitous or poor, and that Catherine would have three thousand pounds. This was so material an amendment25 of his late expectations that it greatly contributed to smooth the descent of his pride; and by no means without its effect was the private intelligence, which he was at some pains to procure26, that the Fullerton estate, being entirely27 at the disposal of its present proprietor28, was consequently open to every greedy speculation29.

On the strength of this, the general, soon after Eleanor's marriage, permitted his son to return to Northanger, and thence made him the bearer of his consent, very courteously30 worded in a page full of empty professions to Mr. Morland. The event which it authorized31 soon followed: Henry and Catherine were married, the bells rang, and everybody smiled; and, as this took place within a twelvemonth from the first day of their meeting, it will not appear, after all the dreadful delays occasioned by the general's cruelty, that they were essentially32 hurt by it. To begin perfect happiness at the respective ages of twenty-six and eighteen is to do pretty well; and professing33 myself moreover convinced that the general's unjust interference, so far from being really injurious to their felicity, was perhaps rather conducive34 to it, by improving their knowledge of each other, and adding strength to their attachment, I leave it to be settled, by whomsoever it may concern, whether the tendency of this work be altogether to recommend parental35 tyranny, or reward filial disobedience.

*Vide a letter from Mr. Richardson, No. 97, Vol. II, Rambler.


1 applied Tz2zXA     
  • She plans to take a course in applied linguistics.她打算學習應用語言學課程。
  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.這種乳霜最好晚上擦臉用。
2 attachment POpy1     
  • She has a great attachment to her sister.她十分依戀她的姐姐。
  • She's on attachment to the Ministry of Defense.她現在隸屬于國防部。
3 agitation TN0zi     
  • Small shopkeepers carried on a long agitation against the big department stores.小店主們長期以來一直在煽動人們反對大型百貨商店。
  • These materials require constant agitation to keep them in suspension.這些藥劑要經常攪動以保持懸浮狀態。
4 goodwill 4fuxm     
  • His heart is full of goodwill to all men.他心里對所有人都充滿著愛心。
  • We paid £10,000 for the shop,and £2000 for its goodwill.我們用一萬英鎊買下了這家商店,兩千英鎊買下了它的信譽。
5 attestation fa087a97a79ce46bbb6243d8c4d26459     
  • According to clew, until pay treasure attestation the success. 按照提示,直到支付寶認證成功。 來自互聯網
  • Hongkong commercial college subdecanal. Specialty division of international attestation. 香港商學院副院長,國際認證專業培訓師。 來自互聯網
6 housekeeper 6q2zxl     
  • A spotless stove told us that his mother is a diligent housekeeper.爐子清潔無瑕就表明他母親是個勤勞的主婦。
  • She is an economical housekeeper and feeds her family cheaply.她節約持家,一家人吃得很省。
7 consolation WpbzC     
  • The children were a great consolation to me at that time.那時孩子們成了我的莫大安慰。
  • This news was of little consolation to us.這個消息對我們來說沒有什么安慰。
8 solicit AFrzc     
  • Beggars are not allowed to solicit in public places.乞丐不得在公共場所乞討。
  • We should often solicit opinions from the masses.我們應該經常征求群眾意見。
9 heartily Ld3xp     
  • He ate heartily and went out to look for his horse.他痛快地吃了一頓,就出去找他的馬。
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11 approbation INMyt     
  • He tasted the wine of audience approbation.他嘗到了像酒般令人陶醉的聽眾贊許滋味。
  • The result has not met universal approbation.該結果尚未獲得普遍認同。
12 pecuniary Vixyo     
  • She denies obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.她否認通過欺騙手段獲得經濟利益。
  • She is so independent that she refused all pecuniary aid.她很獨立,所以拒絕一切金錢上的資助。
13 plantations ee6ea2c72cc24bed200cd75cf6fbf861     
n.種植園,大農場( plantation的名詞復數 )
  • Soon great plantations, supported by slave labor, made some families very wealthy. 不久之后出現了依靠奴隸勞動的大莊園,使一些家庭成了富豪。 來自英漢非文學 - 政府文件
  • Winterborne's contract was completed, and the plantations were deserted. 維恩特波恩的合同完成后,那片林地變得荒廢了。 來自辭典例句
14 torments 583b07d85b73539874dc32ae2ffa5f78     
(肉體或精神上的)折磨,痛苦( torment的名詞復數 ); 造成痛苦的事物[人]
  • He released me from my torments. 他解除了我的痛苦。
  • He suffered torments from his aching teeth. 他牙痛得難受。
15 softened 19151c4e3297eb1618bed6a05d92b4fe     
(使)變軟( soften的過去式和過去分詞 ); 緩解打擊; 緩和; 安慰
  • His smile softened slightly. 他的微笑稍柔和了些。
  • The ice cream softened and began to melt. 冰淇淋開始變軟并開始融化。
16 clandestine yqmzh     
  • She is the director of clandestine operations of the CIA.她是中央情報局秘密行動的負責人。
  • The early Christians held clandestine meetings in caves.早期的基督徒在洞穴中秘密聚會。
17 bosom Lt9zW     
  • She drew a little book from her bosom.她從懷里取出一本小冊子。
  • A dark jealousy stirred in his bosom.他內心生出一陣惡毒的嫉妒。
18 banishment banishment     
  • Qu Yuan suffered banishment as the victim of a court intrigue. 屈原成為朝廷中鉤心斗角的犧牲品,因而遭到放逐。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
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19 habitual x5Pyp     
  • He is a habitual criminal.他是一個慣犯。
  • They are habitual visitors to our house.他們是我家的常客。
20 withheld f9d7381abd94e53d1fbd8a4e53915ec8     
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21 negligent hjdyJ     
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  • If the government is proved negligent,compensation will be payable.如果證明是政府的疏忽,就應支付賠償。
22 qualified DCPyj     
  • He is qualified as a complete man of letters.他有資格當真正的文學家。
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23 malicious e8UzX     
  • You ought to kick back at such malicious slander. 你應當反擊這種惡毒的污蔑。
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24 overthrow PKDxo     
  • After the overthrow of the government,the country was in chaos.政府被推翻后,這個國家處于混亂中。
  • The overthrow of his plans left him much discouraged.他的計劃的失敗使得他很氣餒。
25 amendment Mx8zY     
  • The amendment was rejected by 207 voters to 143.這項修正案以207票對143票被否決。
  • The Opposition has tabled an amendment to the bill.反對黨已經就該議案提交了一項修正條款。
26 procure A1GzN     
  • Can you procure some specimens for me?你能替我弄到一些標本嗎?
  • I'll try my best to procure you that original French novel.我將盡全力給你搞到那本原版法國小說。
27 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那場火災完全是由于他們失職而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生統統獻給了教育工作。
28 proprietor zR2x5     
  • The proprietor was an old acquaintance of his.業主是他的一位舊相識。
  • The proprietor of the corner grocery was a strange thing in my life.拐角雜貨店店主是我生活中的一個怪物。
29 speculation 9vGwe     
  • Her mind is occupied with speculation.她的頭腦忙于思考。
  • There is widespread speculation that he is going to resign.人們普遍推測他要辭職。
30 courteously 4v2z8O     
  • He courteously opened the door for me.他謙恭有禮地為我開門。
  • Presently he rose courteously and released her.過了一會,他就很客氣地站起來,讓她走開。
31 authorized jyLzgx     
  • An administrative order is valid if authorized by a statute.如果一個行政命令得到一個法規的認可那么這個命令就是有效的。
32 essentially nntxw     
  • Really great men are essentially modest.真正的偉人大都很謙虛。
  • She is an essentially selfish person.她本質上是個自私自利的人。
33 professing a695b8e06e4cb20efdf45246133eada8     
聲稱( profess的現在分詞 ); 宣稱; 公開表明; 信奉
  • But( which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 只要有善行。這才與自稱是敬神的女人相宜。
  • Professing Christianity, he had little compassion in his make-up. 他號稱信奉基督教,卻沒有什么慈悲心腸。
34 conducive hppzk     
  • This is a more conducive atmosphere for studying.這樣的氛圍更有利于學習。
  • Exercise is conducive to good health.體育鍛煉有助于增強體質。
35 parental FL2xv     
  • He encourages parental involvement in the running of school.他鼓勵學生家長參與學校的管理。
  • Children always revolt against parental disciplines.孩子們總是反抗父母的管束。
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